Pietro Faccioli | Associate professor

pietro.faccioli <a>

Phone: (+39) 0461 281698

Theoretical physics of biological matter: quantum and statistical field theory, stochastic dynamics, enhanced sampling algorithms. Protein (mis-)folding and protein conformational transitions.

Gianluca Lattanzi | Full professor

gianluca.lattanzi <a>

Phone: (+39) 0461 283104

Computational Biophysics and Molecular Modeling; applications of methods of theoretical physics to problems of biological, medical and technological relevance.

Raffaello Potestio | Associate professor

raffaello.potestio <a>

Phone: (+39) 0461 282912

Soft matter physics and computational biophysics. Coarse-graining and multi-scale methods. Modelling and simulations of biomolecules. Chemical physics. PI of the VARIAMOLS ERC StG project.

Luca Tubiana | Assistant professor

luca.tubiana <a>

Phone: (+39) 0461 281507

Applied physics, computational physics, topological properties of soft and bio materials, data science and machine learning.

Virginia Agostiniani | Associate professor

virginia.agostiniani <a>

Phone: (+39) 0461 281520

Black holes. Boundary value problems. Materials science. Nematic elastomers. Overdetermined systems. Partial Differential Equations. Potential theory. Riemannian geometry. Variational problems.


Roberto Menichetti | RTDA
roberto.menichetti <a>

Theoretical Physics, Computational Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Liquid State Theory, Condensed Matter, Soft and Biological Matter.

Thomas Tarenzi | Postdoctoral fellow
thomas.tarenzi <a>

Atomistic and multiscale molecular dynamics, Computational biophysics, Membrane proteins, Protein/ligand complexes.

Raffaele Fiorentini | Postdoctoral fellow

All-atom molecular dynamics, Modelling and simulation of biological macromolecules, High-performance software.

Oleksii Gryniuk | Postdoctoral fellow

All-atom molecular dynamics.

Jules Morand | Postdoctoral fellow

Theoretical Physics, Computational Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Complex Networks.


Danial Ghamari

Giovanni Mattiotti

Manuel Micheloni

Francesca Oronzio

Costanza Paternoster

Gianmarco Zanardi

MSc students

  • Riccardo Aldrigo, master student with Raffaello Potestio
  • Cecilia Fruet, master student with Raffaello Potestio
  • Maria Gabriella Galante, master student with Raffaello Potestio
  • Maurizio Scalet, master student with Pietro Faccioli