Virginia Agostiniani

Curriculum Vitae

I graduated in Mathematics in 2008 at the University of Florence, with a Master Thesis on overdetermined boundary value problems related with the Laplace operator, under the supervision of Rolando Magnanini. In 2012 I got a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at SISSA, discussing some variational results for nematic elastomers and singular perturbations of evolution problems, with Gianni Dal Maso and Antonio DeSimone as advisors. Just after that, I became postdoc at the Oxford Centre for Nonlinear PDE, funded by John Ball’s ERC project “The Mathematics of Solid and Liquid Crystals”, and subsequently postdoc at SISSA, funded by Antonio DeSimone’s ERC  project “Micromotility”. In 2018 I became assistant professor (RTDa) at the Maths Department of the University of Padova and in the same year I moved to the Computer Science Department of the University of Verona for a tenure track position (RTDb). Since 2020, I am associate professor at the Department of Physics – University of Trento.

My full CV can be found at this link.

Publication list

A full publication list can be found at this link.

Research interests

My research activity is in the field of the Calculus of Variations and of the Analysis of PDEs. In particular, I study variational problems arising in the modelling of soft-active materials, either in a purely theoretical setting or with a specific focus on the applications. Another consistent part of my research is devoted to the study of geometric properties of elliptic PDEs, in the Euclidean setting as well as in the context of General Relativity.


Email: virginia.agostiniani_AT_

Office phone: (+39) 0461 281520

Address: University of Trento, Physics Department | Via Sommarive 14, 38123 Trento – Italy