Our group covers courses at the BS, MS and PhD level, covering topics ranging from introductory quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics to advanced statistical mechanics, to theory and modelling of soft and biological matter, to computational biophysics.

This combination of courses enables students to acquire the background required to tackle problems at frontiers of contemporary research in the theory complex systems and biophysics.

Computational Biophysics (Lattanzi and Tubiana)

Physics and Informatics* (Lattanzi)

Advanced Statistical Mechanics (Potestio)

Multi-scale Methods in Soft Matter (Potestio)

Introduction to Data Science (Tubiana)

Analysis I and II (Agostiniani)

Physics II for Environmental Engineering (Potestio)

* Offered to students of the Degree in Medicine.

Lectures w/o frontiers

The SBP group organises a series of short courses, usually one per year, given by distinguished invited guests from outside Italy. You can find more information in the dedicated page.

Master thesis projects

A list of currently open master thesis projects can be found in the dedicated page.

Master’s Degree in Physics | videos

Our group is proudly involved in the Physics Dept.’s Master degree programme, contributing to the courses of various “tracks”. Hereafter you can find the video presentations of two of them