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8th Workshop “Physics of Biomolecules: Structure, Dynamics and Function”

On February 5, 2024 our group participated to the 8th edition of the workshop Physics of Biomolecules: Structure, Dynamics and Function, which was held in Bressanone, Italy. We had a great time showcasing some of our work and enjoying the excellent presentations by a number of participants. As usual, a great occasion to share ideas …

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SBP Winter Solstice dinner

On December 13, 2023 our group gathered for a social dinner before the winter break. It was a great opportunity to further tighten personal interactions and human connections in our team, and enjoy an easy-going the incipient holiday atmosphere!

Postdoctoral position available

The postdoctoral position (1.5 Years) is aimed at developing a computational model  of selective polymeric sponges for metal ions capture (more details – call – application page). This research is Funded by the European Union under NextGenerationEU. PRIN 2022RYP9YT_004 “SCOPE: Selective capture of metals by polymeric sponges”. The successful applicant will be part of a vibrant collaboration including both experimental and computational physicists and chemists from the …

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SBP professor Gianluca Lattanzi is the new Director of the Physics Department

New director for the Department of Physics at the University of Trento. Gianluca Lattanzi, full professor of Applied Physics, was elected for the three-year academic period 2023-2026. His term of office starts on 9 November. There were 69 out of 73 eligible voters, five blank ballots. Gianluca Lattanzi obtained 38 votes, more than the absolute …

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Kinetics of radiation-induced DNA double-strand breaks through coarse-grained simulations

M. Micheloni, L. Petrolli, G. Lattanzi, R. Potestio, Kinetics of radiation-induced DNA double-strand breaks through coarse-grained simulations, Biophysical Journal (2023) Double-strand breaks (DSBs), i.e., the covalent cut of the DNA backbone over both strands, are a detrimental outcome of cell irradiation, bearing chromosomal aberrations and leading to cell apoptosis. In the early stages of the …

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Statistical Physics of Living Systems workshop

On May 4-5, 2023 we held the workshop Statistical Physics of Living Systems. The meeting, organised by the SBP group in Trento, aimed at enabling and fostering the interaction with the Quantitative Life Sciences group at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy. In this occasion, the two group presented …

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Ciao Pietro!

On March 1st, 2023 our friend, colleague, and SBP group founding member Pietro Faccioli made a big step towards a new phase in his career: the University of Milan Bicocca! The SBP group has dedicated a day to look back to Pietro’s achievements in Trento and wish him all the best for this thrilling change! …

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Fast, Accurate, and System-Specific Variable-Resolution Modeling of Proteins

R. Fiorentini, T. Tarenzi, R. Potestio, Fast, Accurate, and System-Specific Variable-Resolution Modeling of Proteins, J. Chem. Inf. Model. (2023) In recent years, a few multiple-resolution modeling strategies have been proposed, in which functionally relevant parts of a biomolecule are described with atomistic resolution, with the remainder of the system being concurrently treated using a coarse-grained …

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International Workshop on Complex Systems

The XVI International Workshop on Complex Systems will take place in Andalo from 13 to 17 March 2023. The workshop will point out new directions, challenges and opportunities in the following fields: Andalo is a beautiful village about 30 km far from Trento close to the ski slopes of the Paganella ski area. The program will be interdisciplinary and it will …

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VARIAMOLS/HAMMOCK group retreat 2022

The SBP group members affiliated to the VARIAMOLS and HAMMOCK research projects have gathered in Fontana dei Gai, a mountain lodge near Trento, for a three-days group retreat. This event was aimed at both carrying out research work and team building. The event flyer can be seen here. A few pictures taken during the retreat …

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