SBP professor Gianluca Lattanzi is the new Director of the Physics Department

New director for the Department of Physics at the University of Trento. Gianluca Lattanzi, full professor of Applied Physics, was elected for the three-year academic period 2023-2026. His term of office starts on 9 November.

There were 69 out of 73 eligible voters, five blank ballots.

Gianluca Lattanzi obtained 38 votes, more than the absolute majority of votes, a functional quorum required for a full professor to be elected.

The other colleague who stood for the leadership, Giovanni Prodi, received 26.

The elections were held electronically. Gianluca Lattanzi takes over the position from Franco Dalfovo, who has been director for the past three years. Gianluca Lattanzi is co-head of the courses in Computational Biophysics, Physics and Computer Science, Molecular Physics and Quantum mechanics.

He holds a degree in Physics from the University of Bari and a PhD in Condensed Matter Theory from Sissa in Trieste (International School for Advanced Studies). He was a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (2002) and a Marie Curie Reintegration Grant Fellow (2004). Lattanzi has been teaching at the University of Trento since 2016. Active in the third mission, he has participated in Fisicittà events and several editions of the Theatre of Wonder.

His research interests include the application of theoretical-computational methods of physics to problems of biological and/or medical relevance, with particular reference to simulations in molecular dynamics. He is a member of various scientific societies and committees such as the Biophysical Society, the Italian Society of Physics, the Italian Society of Pure and Applied Biophysics and the CICAP (the Italian Committee for the Control of Pseudoscience Claims).

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