Sampling the path between Physics and Biology

A workshop dedicated to Pietro Faccioli’s achievements at the University of Trento


Inspired by the research of prof. Pietro Faccioli, this workshop presents different possible paths joining theoretical and computational Physics and Biology

Date & Venue

February 27, 2023

University of Trento, Polo Ferrari 1, room A206 (morning session), room A104 (afternoon session)

Invited speakers

  • M. Caraglio, University of Innsbruck
  • R. Covino, IAS Frankfurt
  • P. Faccioli, University of Trento
  • T. Franosch, University of Innsbruck
  • G. Garberoglio, ECT*, Trento
  • P. Hauke, University of Trento
  • G. Mazzola, University of Zurich
  • C. Micheletti, SISSA, Trieste
  • G. Spagnolli, Sybilla Biotech, Trento


8:50registrationA 206
9:20L. TubianaIntroduction to the workshopA 206
9:30G. GarberoglioA path down the memory laneA 206
10:00G. MazzolaMetropolis on a quantum computer: a new algorithm with practical quantum advantageA 206
10:30Coffee breakAcquario
11:00G. SpagnolliSampling the Path Between Physics and Drug DiscoveryA 206
11:30R. CovinoTBDA 206
12:00C. MichelettiWalking the winding pathways of protein folding with PietroA 206
12:30Lunch break
14:30P. HaukeQuantum optimization approach to computational biophysics A 104
15:00T. FranoschGravitaxis of a single active Brownian particleA 104
15:30M. CaraglioTransition Path Sampling for Active Brownian ParticlesA 104
16:00P. FaccioliTBDA 104